The Real Currency Of Life

real currency 2I don’t like to do this too often, but I wanted to bring about an essay to your attention: “Time Well Spent, The Declining Real Cost of Living in America.”

It’s a report published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in 1997. The basic idea is that while the nominal price of goods has been increasing consistently, the amount of time required to obtain said goods (the true currency measure) has been steadily declining. It’s perfectly in-line with this websites ideology. If you like anything about this site, this report will be a great read – color graphs and all. Read more

Why Investing Is Important

why invest 2Here’s a link to the Forbes 400 list. It’s a catalog of the richest people in America. I could reproduce the table, but I’ll just describe it instead. The list includes: rank, name, net worth, age, residence (you know, in case you want to stop by for their Halloween party) and the source of their wealth.

There’s something very intriguing about the richest of the rich. However, I bet my takeaway is a bit different than most. All of these people share one thing in common: they all got to where they are by Read more

Trading Time For Chicken

chick fil a 2Recently a Chick-fil-A restaurant (fast-food chicken place) opened in a neighborhood near me. In order to generate publicly, the company offers a seemingly appealing contest: the first 100 patrons are rewarded with free chicken meals for the year.

At first blush this seemed like an interesting opportunity. Especially for me: my schedule is flexible, I eat chicken and I definitely like free. So I figured I’d check out the details and learn more. Read more

January 2015 Challenge = Success!

jan 15 chall 2My January Challenge was an overwhelmingly success. My goal was to write 25 articles in 25 days. I wrote 37 Seeking Alpha articles in the time allotted, with an additional unpublished kicker bringing the monthly total to 38. If you add in the posts on this site, including this one, that brings the total amount of monthly “works” up to 42, or two per business day. You could say that it was a productive month. Read more

The Larger Challenge

larger challenge 2There are a lot of people, millions, worrying about retirement. When to think about Social Security, required minimum distributions, the “4% rule,” projecting expenses, healthcare, enough, too much, inflation, taxes, age, quality of life, the whole lot. There’s always a reason to be concerned. And I’m not downplaying these scenarios: it’s prudent to have a handle on the important variables. However, I believe there’s a larger challenge out there.

Not today, not tomorrow and perhaps not even during our lifetimes, but eventually society will face a much greater dilemma. My reasoning can be summed up in a single graph: Read more

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

new years 2Including this quick post, I have written three articles today. That’s a pretty productive day for me, but had I really pushed it I bet I could have done four.

This is the essence of why New Year’s resolutions fail. Granted, article writing wasn’t my New Year’s resolution (I didn’t make any resolutions and I’d write regardless) but the logic is the same. Read more

2014 – Year End Update

2014 year end 2This update will cover the five months this website has been alive: August of 2014 through December of 2014. After this update, I’ll move to a quarterly schedule. Cool stuff happens daily, but sometimes its better to be out doing it than reflecting.

I still intend on keeping an ongoing log, but you’ll see a post like this just four times this year. In using this schedule, I hope to Read more

As Time Poor As Ever

time poor 2This post is sort of a short cut, but then again that’s kind of the idea. Not exactly a short cut I guess, but more “using what someone else has already written such that I don’t spend much time on it.”

Some might call it using my scarce resource wisely. Others just a summary.

Call it what you want.

I’d like to bring your attention to the legendary investor Peter Lynch. Specifically, I just finished reading one of his books Read more

The Three Types Of Financial People

3 types 2In the financial world, there are just three types of people: those that pay interest, those that earn interest and those that own the bank.

Now assuredly one might cycle through all three stages (and back) throughout their lifetime. Moreover, it’s a bit a simplification in that you can do these things simultaneously. However, it remains that at any given time you are a net payer, a net earner or a net owner. Read more