Whirl ‘Til You Hurl

WhirlRecently I was watching a documentary on “Great Old Amusement Parks” because… well, why wouldn’t you want to know more about the great old parks?

One segment that caught my attention in particular was Belmont Park in San Diego. I was drawn to a story that took place there. Way back in 1998 there was a well-publicized radio station event held on one of Belmont’s roller coasters: the second “Whirl ‘til you hurl” contest (apparently the first contest was Read more

October Challenge: Guest Post Sampler

Oct ChallengeThis will be short and sweet – just a quick update.

Last month my challenge was to spend less than $194.65 on my total food expenditures. With the help of 10 different savings opportunities, I met this goal with overwhelming success. It was a combination of not doing stuff (not going out to eat too much, not spending more than is necessary) and doing stuff (looking for deals, using coupons, taking advantage of savings apps).

This month I wanted to move out of my comfort zone a bit. Read more

September Challenge: A Day Of Dividends For A Month Of Food

September ChallengeAs I mentioned in my August Update, I am beginning a monthly challenge series. This is designed to get me out of my comfort zone, to think about things differently or to simply provide you with some entertainment. In the words of Benjamin Franklin: “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”

Considering the underlying theme of this site, I thought something related to both currency and Read more

The Arcade Of Finance

arcade financeIf you really want to get down to it, finance – along with the movement of money – is quite a bit like a kid’s arcade.

Take Chuck E. Cheese’s for instance. (The place where apparently awesome parents go.)

If you were ask the average kid what their goal for the day was, it could probably be summarized by just a single word: Read more