A Few Easy Steps To Continue To Follow Along

As you know, there hasn’t been much activity on this site lately. We’ve been preoccupied elsewhere.

In addition, this website’s hosting agreement has come up for renewal, leaving us with a decision. And given our value tilt, we didn’t feel that the value was there to continue paying for a service that we were not using.

So here’s what we’ve elected to do:

The website “The Currency of Time” is now “parked” for free at the following address:


It’s bare bones, but it works. The website you are currently viewing will remain up until July 28th, but thereafter any new updates will be at the new WordPress link that you see above.

Once you’re on that page, you can look at the bottom right-hand corner and see an option to “follow” our new website. Enter your email address and confirm it. That’s it. From that point you’ll receive an email for any new updates.

Our intention is to periodically post during our travels, with updates most likely starting in late August or September. Thanks for continuing to follow along!

Travel Card Toolkit: Chase Sapphire Preferred

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.51.56 AMAs mentioned previously we don’t want every post to be about credit cards, but there is quite a bit of travel utility with the sign up bonuses. We likely won’t be talking about many more cards (if any) before our travels – instead beginning to focus on redemptions – so if you’re interested in learning about other cards we’d recommend the Mad Fientist’s Card Rating Tool.

With that, today we wanted to focus on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. It’s similar to Read more

A Great Way To Get To Hawaii On Points

thomas-marban-4127Today we wanted to talk about a great way to get to Hawaii using reward points. We’ll be sharing how we utilize redemptions later on once we get to traveling, so for now think of these type of posts as foreshadowing for some possibilities out there.

By no means is this article going to be all-encompassing. Indeed, the website Million Mile Secrets, has a much more detailed post on the subject. Instead, it’s simply going to be a demonstration of Read more

Travel Card Toolkit: Chase Freedom & Unlimited

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 9.02.07 AMToday we wanted to talk about the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. As we mentioned previously we don’t want to focus on credit cards too much, but this is a very strong area in our travel toolkit. After this card we’ll likely talk about one (or two) more cards, before getting into more of the planning and ultimately sharing our adventures. Think of this as the foreshadowing part, with great redemptions to come. Read more

Peripheral Travel Tools

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.59.41 AMThe last two posts focused on lucrative credit card sign up bonuses. These will be a great benefit to our plans and we’ll likely discuss a few more opportunities in the months to come. However, we also mentioned that not every post is going to be about credit cards. Today we’d like to make good on that promise and instead talk about what we like to refer to as Read more

Travel Card Toolkit: Chase Sapphire Reserve

Travel Card Toolkit: Chase Sapphire Reserve

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 4.07.18 PMOne of the things we’re doing to prepare for our upcoming travel is to take advantage of some credit card offers. I had long been a proponent of absolutely no debt, but alas some of the sign up bonuses are just too good to refuse. (Standard disclaimer: if you don’t pay your balance in full, credit card interest is apt to quickly erode any bonus benefit.)

I’d like to show you what I mean by sharing some of the offers that we have worked on in the last few months. Today I’ll start with the: Read more

Hello Again!

Hello Again!

TCOT Hello AgainHello Again!

It’s now been just over 10 months since the last post on this site. For those of you that are still with me: Hello Again!

Since that time I have still been writing a fair amount, just in other places. I recently looked it up, since April of last year, I’ve put out Read more