A Few Easy Steps To Continue To Follow Along

As you know, there hasn’t been much activity on this site lately. We’ve been preoccupied elsewhere.

In addition, this website’s hosting agreement has come up for renewal, leaving us with a decision. And given our value tilt, we didn’t feel that the value was there to continue paying for a service that we were not using.

So here’s what we’ve elected to do:

The website “The Currency of Time” is now “parked” for free at the following address:


It’s bare bones, but it works. The website you are currently viewing will remain up until July 28th, but thereafter any new updates will be at the new WordPress link that you see above.

Once you’re on that page, you can look at the bottom right-hand corner and see an option to “follow” our new website. Enter your email address and confirm it. That’s it. From that point you’ll receive an email for any new updates.

Our intention is to periodically post during our travels, with updates most likely starting in late August or September. Thanks for continuing to follow along!

October 2015 Challenge

October 2015 Challenge

oct 15 chalMy September Challenge turned out to be a success, bringing my challenge record to 10.5 and 2.5, or a completion ratio of just over 80%. The challenge this month was to enjoy 50 meals for under $50. The contest called for the lowest 50 to be under a dollar per meal and not necessarily every single serving.

I could list all of the meals (I kept track of them all) but I think I’ll spare you the play-by-play and just summarize the results. As expected breakfast was the winner here: I had Read more

Remember: It’s About The Experience, Not Stuff

Remember: It’s About The Experience, Not Stuff

SegoviaIf you go to bing.com today (September 17th, 2015) you’ll see a lovely animation of Segovia, Spain. Bing provides a new picture or scene on its homepage each day to add a little something extra to your Internet search experience. If you don’t care to check out the scene (or are reading this after the 17th) the screen shot to the left shows you what I’m talking about.

Now I bring this up for a very specific reason. I’m not trying to lead you on an Internet scavenger hunt. Instead, this depiction is personal to me and I’d like to Read more

September 2015 Challenge

September 2015 Challenge

sep 15 chal copy 2My August challenge was a success, bringing my total challenge record up to 9.5 and 2.5 or a completion rate of 79%. Still a passing grade, but I can keep getting better. There really isn’t much to report on this challenge, although it did give me an opportunity to think a bit.

Right now I’m writing quite often (although not much on this site) and I see that more or less continuing for the rest of the year. After that, I think I’ll reassess and perhaps work toward new endeavors. I’m guessing writing will always play Read more