December 2015 – Challenge

photo-1432057322224-8916b9ed202a copyMy November challenge – to lift 60 tons in 20 days – was a success. This brings my challenge record up to 12.5 and 2.5 or a completion rate of about 83%. I like mixing it up with physical and mental challenges, so this was a good one to focus on the physical side. I worked out during 19 of the 20 days, and my total was actually a bit closer to 74 tons. Challenge Complete.

December Challenge = 31 articles in 31 days

I haven’t been doing a great job of updating this site, aside from my monthly challenges and occasionally an interesting tidbit. The reason for this is rather straightforward: my writing attention has been focused elsewhere. I’ve been turning out roughly one Seeking Alpha article per day and a couple of premium articles per week. That takes up a good deal of my writing concentration and doesn’t leave a lot of mental capacity for “leisure” writing. It reminds me of my experience with golf actually.

Growing up and moving through high school and college I played quite a bit of golf. It was probably my largest focus, as I became the best player on my high school team and choose my university based on playing for a college team. It was definitely a great experience. During those eight or so years, I also worked at various golf courses. These jobs were also solid experiences and I wouldn’t trade them in if I could. One of the many benefits of working at a golf course is free golf, of which I regularly took advantage.

Yet here’s the thing: after getting up early and working on a golf course for 8 to 12 hours, you aren’t exactly inspired to go out and spend another couple hours there “off the clock.” Of course I would frequently do so, but your heart isn’t necessarily in it as much as it could be. I believe a similar situation is going on here. After spending hours writing elsewhere, I’m less inspired to “write for fun.” I’m optimistic that this tide will eventually shift, but for the moment I’m still working to build out the other side.

Speaking of which, my challenge this month will be to write 31 articles in 31 days. I have previously done similar challenges, so I don’t get any points for creativity. This challenge will be both easier and more difficult than it seems. It’s easier in that I have already written 14 articles in under 7 full days. It will be more difficult in that I intend to take off a week or more for the holidays. These things ought to more or less even out, providing an ample challenge for the month. Moving forward into the New Year, I suspect that the model of challenges will change. Stay tuned, wish me luck and if I don’t get around to posting something before then, happy holidays!


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