Hello Again!

TCOT Hello AgainHello Again!

It’s now been just over 10 months since the last post on this site. For those of you that are still with me: Hello Again!

Since that time I have still been writing a fair amount, just in other places. I recently looked it up, since April of last year, I’ve put out 140 regular Seeking Alpha articles, 108 articles for my Premium Service and a couple dozen or so in other places. That works to out to 6 or 7 articles per week; so I’ve kept somewhat busy, just not here.

In addition, I’ve made time for other activities – especially travel. Since that last update I’ve been out of the country twice, visited 35 states, put north of 10,000 miles on rental cars and took full advantage of a National Park pass by taking a stroll in at least 18 of the parks.

Of course of the highlight was National Park number 17, where I got engaged! Which, incidentally, is the reason that I’m writing here again.

It’s a nice platform that is already in place. Here’s the plan.

From now through the end of July, we will try to put out something each week. And by “we” I mean my fiancée and I.

The focus will be on things like travel hacks, using award points and gearing up for adventure, with likely some frugality and possible wedding ideas mixed in along the way.

Our wedding will be in early August, so this website ought to offer a “live look” at the types of things we’re thinking about for that along with our honeymoon travel to follow.

After July the posts will likely be more sporadic. However, what we hope to do is to continue using this website as a travel log for our around the world honeymoon. After each destination, we’ll put out a post – focusing on experiences, expenses, efficiencies, etc. (and other effective “E” words) that we have found along the way.

It should, quite literally, be a fun adventure. So as we begin thanks for taking the time to join us on our journey!

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