September 2015 Challenge

sep 15 chal copy 2My August challenge was a success, bringing my total challenge record up to 9.5 and 2.5 or a completion rate of 79%. Still a passing grade, but I can keep getting better. There really isn’t much to report on this challenge, although it did give me an opportunity to think a bit.

Right now I’m writing quite often (although not much on this site) and I see that more or less continuing for the rest of the year. After that, I think I’ll reassess and perhaps work toward new endeavors. I’m guessing writing will always play a part, but I could see scaling it back in the future to explore elsewhere.

I have a big, round number in mind for the free side of my Seeking Alpha articles. It will certainly be a challenge, but those are the types of things that I like to tackle. On the premium side of that site, I continue to be committed to a least one new piece per week. Which leaves this site, currently sitting at third for my attention. I hope to have a fresh post out each month, along with the ongoing monthly challenges. Once we hit the New Year I’ll reevaluate, see where I am and figure out what I’d like to do next.

September Challenge = 50 Meals For Under $50

My September challenge once more relates back to finance. My goal this month will be to enjoy 50 meals for under $1 per meal. That doesn’t mean that every meal has to be under $1. Instead, my 50 lowest priced meals (out of the 90 or so) have to equate to $50 or less. I could average $0.75 per meal for 48 meals and then go enjoy Chipotle (CMG) for lunch and dinner, as an example – that would count. As long as the 50 lowest meals are under $50, all is good.

My approach will be to focus on breakfast and lunch. Cereal or oatmeal is my normal morning staple, and these things come cheap. For lunch, a simple sandwich and some fruit would likely do the trick. Dinners are usually a bit more expensive, but it should be fun to explore that avenue as well. Wish me luck!


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