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Ben Franklin“Time is money” = a famous quip attributed to Ben Franklin.

What’s less known is that he then added: “and money is time.”

You see, cash, bills, dinero, lettuce, benjamin’s – all of it – is simply an intermediate step. We trade our valuable and dwindling resource of time for a medium of exchange; a tangible note with which to barter. Time is the asset, not the physical paper.

Hence the name of this site: “The Currency Of Time”

2011-01-09 11.47.28 copyHi my name is Eli, I’ll be your host.

No one likes long, rambling bios so I’ll fast forward a bit:

By age 24 I had received two undergrad degrees, a Master’s in Finance, lived abroad, wrote a book, published over 100 articles and was the vice president for two different companies. At 25 I decided to live more purposefully.

Here’s why I changed:

Why I Negotiated For a Pay Cut

Here’s my rationale:

If I Can’t Figure It Out In A Decade…

Thanks for taking the time to read this far. If you’d like to learn more check out my archives or other publications.

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